How do I get my apps published on Google Play store?


There have been some new changes to the publishing of apps to the Google Play store.


We were publishing your app to Google Play on your behalf under our developer account. There are over a million apps in that market now, growths of 50% in the last 12 months alone! Google is working to keep up with this massive growth and have been updating a lot of their processes and policies. The result of one of those changes is that every developer on our platform now needs to publish under their own Google developer account.

The Good News:

* You can now publish under your company’s own brand

* You can now charge for your app and keep 100% of the proceeds from Google.

* This has no impact on our publishing of your Apple / iOS app

We have created a full help center to walk you through how to do all of the above steps and get your app published again under Google. You can access our Publishing Help Center here: (you will need to be logged into the Machine first).

To get into Google Play store, you will need to publish app with the $12 per month or $108 Annual subscription. For Google you will need to pay Google a yearly, one- time fee for a Google Play developer account which is currently $25.

 Once you subscribe:

(1) You will need to sign-up for Google Play Developer console by paying one time fee $25. You can access this signup area here:

(2) Then go back to our app builder, the Machine, and proceed to 'self-publish' by clicking the Android button on the 'Publisher Dashboard' page.

Meanwhile, the iOS version (Apple iTunes) of your app, which is include in the $12 per month or $108 Annual subscription, we will send your app to iTunes to be published on your behalf. Just as a very important note, Apple iTunes is very particular now on the apps they allow to be in their app store. They require unique, useful, and apps with sufficient features.

"In general" Apple takes about 2 weeks to approve an app, but we've had some apps take up to 8 weeks because of the back-and-forth that sometimes happens with Apple asking questions or requesting changes. Whereas, Google approve an app in 4-6 days since the time you published/updated it.

Until we send you a confirmation email about your app going live (or rejected), please do not login to the app machine or make any changes to the app. Doing that will just trigger the update process and which caused the process to restart each time. I encourage you to make the app perfect as a 'free' app, then publish it ONCE and wait.


We have signed new distribution agreements with 10+ Android mobile app markets around the world, and as an existing paid subscriber we have automatically awarded this benefit to your account. This will give your app access to millions of additional users. Over the next week you should receive an email from us with the details of your apps new market links.

I hope this helps answer your question.

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    Leonardo Marchi

    hi, then paying $ 99 each month will not need to renew your subscription? and the app will be on google play it on apple store?
    thanks for your attention best regards!

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    Alexis Rivera


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    suresh patel


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    Hi Rohingya,

    The reason we can't publish your app on the Google Play Store is because Google requires every app publisher on our platform to publish their app under their own Google Developer account. We can help you with the publishing process; however, you will need to sign-up for your own Google Developer account then give us permission to publish on your behalf. We have included this process in our platform and will walk you through it step-by-step when you are ready to publish it to the Google Play store.

    I hope this answers your question, if not, please contact our support team directly at


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