How can I put a link for a internet radio station in my app

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    Hi Johnny,

    Thanks for contacting us and your interest in Infinite Monkeys. This is absolutely possible using our app platform, however you would need to have the audio stream in place already. We don't provide a streaming service, however we can include your stream within the app if you have one.

    Ways that you might consider doing this:

    - In Step Two of the Machine, you could select the LiveStream/uStream icon, and embed a stream from one of those two services. There is a help video on how to do that, here:

    You could also upload recordings to a service like SoundCloud, and include those within your app. Here's the help video for that option:

    If you have your own streaming provider that you're working with, then you could simply link through to that stream using the WebLinks function in Step Two.

    I hope that helps explain a few ways to get it done. Good luck with your app and let us know if we can be of more assistance!

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