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We missed something...

The Stats section of all our DailyStats sports apps have tons of different sports stats, except for the most important one... Your team's standing in their league. Oops!

A few of you have suggested this, and we've heard you. We are correcting this mistake in the next version of the DailyStats app being rolled out this week.

Thanks to those of you who pointed out this error!

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    Just as an update...

    This has now been solved in version 1.6 of all the DailyStats sports apps.

    If you click on "Stats" from the main menu, you will either see your team's standings in the league at the top of the stats page, or by clicking on the "other teams / league" button at the bottom of the stats page. Depending on which sport you are looking at.

    Thanks for the great suggestion!



    Infinite Monkeys

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