How do I turn the vibration off, everytime I press a button?


Sometimes I like to check my favorite sports team's stats while I am at work, but the buzzing of my phone on every button is pretty loud and can be heard in the other cubicles giving me away.

Can I turn this off?

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    Hi Jay,

    We've actually had a bunch of people ask this through the support links, so we have built this function in to the newer version of our apps.

    If you currently are running ver.1.6 or later of your app, you can press the MENU button on your Android phone, or the on-screen "menu" button at the bottom of the main home page on the iPhone.

    From there, select "Preferences" and you can select the options to turn on/off the vibrate and beeping.

    If you are running an older version of the app, then we would suggest you run the free upgrade from the market. (We try and roll-out these free upgrades as often as we have a solution to any reported problems/suggestions, so either check back there often or allow "automatic updates" in the app market settings.

    Thanks for your question and for being a part of the Infinite Monkeys community!

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