Can I use my own developer account?


It seems to be best for me to control the app and its potential revenue. Therefore, can I use my own account with apple, google, etc. to publish any apps I create?

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    Unfortunately, you can't use your own developer account to publish an app on our platform. In the near future we're going to be adding a feature to The Machine, allowing you to enter and publish under your own developer account as an option, if you already have your own developer account and wish to use it.

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    i CAN NOT Wait. please hurry up with that feature

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    Thanks for contacting us and your interest in building an app with Infinite Monkeys.

    Yes, you can use your developer account with our $108 annual One-time payment option. You get exactly the same app, but without any ads in them.

    Also included in the "App Pro" package is full access to ALL of the premium App Stores that we support, without any further charges. You just pay $108 one-time and you get an ad free app published to all the App Stores.

    Finally, as one last option... if you want to earn your own advertising revenue from your app, then the $108 "App Pro" package allows you to insert your own ad code into your app, and 100% of the advertising revenues go back to you. No hidden fees, no commissions. It's your app, you earn what you want.

    The $108 One-time payment includes:

    - self-publish to all the premium app markets (iTunes and Google Play) You need a developer account

    - Ad Free

    - Unlimited users

    - Real time usage reporting statistics

    - Full access to all of our functions & features

    - Source code provided for your app

    - Publish app under your brand name

    - You can sell your app

    If you want to see more details please go to our website:

    I hope that answers your question, if not, please feel free to contact me.

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