How to add a Facebook (business) page to my app


Under social media I cannot find a facebook option, how do I add a company facebook page to my app?

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    Hi Marthinus,

    Thanks for contacting us and your interest in Infinite Monkeys.

    Unfortunately, we recently had to change the option on how we use Facebook with our app. Facebook has changed their system, they are no longer offering RSS feeds at all, so basically it killed our ability to use a Facebook module (icon) as part of the Multi-functional Tools.

    Instead, you can use the "Websites" module and add a link to the Facebook website with your business page. You will need to change the Icon Title and add a Facebook image. That's about all we can do if you want to share your Facebook information with your users.

    If you have any other issues and/or suggestions, please let us know, and we'll make sure to sort them out or provide you an answer! We are working extremely hard to make the platform better and enhance the user experience in building amazing apps, so any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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    You could make an iframe through and then use the custom modual>HTML>paste the code there and you should get a feed.

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    We now added the Facebook Module to our list of many features as of August 2013. 

    You will however need a Facebook URL. The Facebook URL is any URL that has the word facebook in it. For example, or

    Some URLs might only work for a user if they're logged in (ie. private pages). I hope this help answer your questions.

    We are excited about this feature being added back and hope you are too...

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