How to get needed password


I downloaded my app amazing_riga into my iPhone but two things. Some password needed, where can I get it? and information "no compatible with your phone" ??

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    Hi Kim,

    We have tried the your app (amazing_riga) on our android mobile phone (downloaded from The Monkey Market) and it worked fine. We also tested it on an iPhone and couldn't replicate this issue. On the iPhone it goes to the HTML version which works fine.

    Unfortunately, we are not sure what 'password' you are receiving.

    Please let us if we can help you any further.

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    Thanks for contacting us and your interest in building an app with Infinite Monkeys.

    Unfortunately, we don't have password protection on our apps because a majority of the premium markets such as Apple iTunes and Google Play don't allow it. This is a feature we are looking to add in the near future, but it will only work with apps in our Monkey Market NOT iTunes or Google Play.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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