Help!! Can I Edit de Help option?


Hi I recently purchased $99 option, everything is cool but I wanna now it is possible edit the Help option in the app options?

By default they redirect me to a FAQS of infinite monkeys!!!!

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    Hi Roviel,

    Thanks for contacting us.

    I'm sorry, your question is not clear. Are you asking if you can edit the "Help" tab that is located on our website? If so, not you can edit or change that feature located on our website.

    If you are asking how do you go back and edit your app after it has been paid for and submitted to any premium store such as iTunes or Google Play, any further updates after your app is "live" in a premium store, will require you to make the changes to app then send us a ticket request to let us know that you have made some changes to the app, so that we can review your app and re-submit to the appropriate premium store.

    I hope that answers your question, and please contact us with any further questions you have at

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