More than 9 icons in the App


I'm making an app where people can read about the history of several buildings (>20) for a local heritage campaign.

I try to make an appscreen that looks like this:

Building 1----------------Building 1-------Building 1
custom content---------Location---------photos

Building 2----------------Building 2-------Building 2
custom content---------Location---------photos

Building 3----------------Building 3-------Building 3
custom content---------Location---------photos

But now i'm stuck, because there seems to be no way to add more icons (e.g. to swipe through the homescreen). Or is there?

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    what about using the rich text icon for your buildings inserting the html code via google gadget for location and maybe either inserting photos directly or using flikr,

    Or even create a free google site then searching for a mobile template and then inserting the info there

    Pretty sure you can't use more than nine icons, hope that helps

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    Gopala Krishnan

    I have used 16 on my app.

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