I wish I knew how to turn off the black instruction screen that covers the page when you go between steps.
also, There are actually 4 steps, not 3. It would have been clearer to me from the beginning if you had added step 4 to the 1,2,3 on teh top left of the machine. Took a while to then hit the Next button in the right for step 4 (publish).
why not let users click directly on the step rather than hit the next button?

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    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for contacting us and all your feedback. We will definitely look into and consider your feedback for future updates.

    To answer your questions about the black screen that appears with instructions to do/consider in the steps, you can simply click anywhere on the screen and it will stop and go away.

    I hope this helps make your app building easier.

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    fayzul hoque

    im really pleased with this app maker .thank you very much and please continue improving.many thanks

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