Some apps are not working. Nor are the video previews. Or the live preview...


I love what you are trying to do but I was unable to view any training video and a few of the apps I wanted to add simply showed nothing during live preview. I had to publish to see the results and only then did I realise that one of the apps is not what i thought it was and that others (like the Community app) simply don't work.

Excellent idea, but unfortunately you still seem to have some bugs to fix.

for example, your Feedback button bringing up a Question search bar and this feedback page, under the heading "Report a problem" still asks that I check if someone else has already "asked the question" and then asking me to chose a title for my problem report...

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    Thanks for the feedback, it is honestly appreciated and we will look into each issue you described.

    In order for me to better troubleshoot your issue, can you send me an email directly to with you email address and app title(s)?

    Just as a FYI, some versions of Internet Explorer and older Safari browsers have trouble with certain functions when creating your app in The Machine (our platform). We recommend using recent versions of Firefox or Chrome browsers for the best browsing experience).

    We have had some glitches in certain browsers, but we are actively working to sort them out, so any more information you can provide would be really helpful. If you have any other issues, please let us know, and we'll make sure to sort them out!

    We are working extremely hard to make the platform better and enhance the user experience in building amazing apps.

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