Temple Run 3


i,am make a TEMPLE RUN 3 please give me the idea.How to make a game.

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    Hi Ammar,

    Thanks for contacting us and your interest in Infinite Monkeys.

    It sounds like you have a really great idea for your app; unfortunately, due to the "self-service" nature of our platform, we've had to make some sacrifices in terms of how far we can stretch while still keeping our tools easy to use, without any coding/development experience required.

    It sounds like what you need, in order to achieve your vision, is more of a custom developed app. We do have some suggestions about how you might want to go about that though...


    - This is a great (and free) development platform that works across both iOS & Android. It's pretty easy to learn, and there is a massive developer community out there if you want to hire someone to build it. - http://www.appcelerator.com


    - We LOVE oDesk. There are over 1 million freelance contractors on the site from $1/hr to $100/hr, depending on what you are looking for. If you're going to try and hire a team to design & develop your custom app, start here! - http://www.odesk.com

    ...In the mean time, there is still A LOT of amazing things that you can do with the Infinite Monkeys app builder, and we'd encourage you to try. We're pretty sure you'll find an interesting way to use it in your life.

    Please give it a try at: http://www.monk.ee

    ...and please tell all your friends about our free platform. We're trying to reach 1 million apps, and we need your help to get there!

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