How do I enhance the "Contact Us" section?


You could include a map with all your stores' locations.

You could also add "Click-to-call" feature by including several numbers. For example, if you are computer store, you could have a sales number, technical help number and shop number all in your app.

For the Click-to-Call module, please remember that in order to make this module work correctly, type in the “to Call” field, the full telephone number that you want your users to be able to dial, for example “123456789”. But make sure it’s a valid telephone number! Then, in the “Name” field, type in the name that the number is associated with, for example “Joe Smith”. One neat trick is to include multiple copies of the Call Me function in your app, so that your users are just one-click away from calling any of your different locations or departments, etc. Remember to click on Save when you’re finished.

 For more info on how to do it, click on this link for full help details.

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