I have a survey which I would like to send out to my customers. How do I do that?


One of the best ways to get more activity on your mobile app is to get your customers interacting, through feedback, input and more. You could do this by adding a Form Module (feature) in your app. Use wufoo.com to create your survey form and then click insert in the Machine.

 To do that, click on the “Make or Choose a Form” button and a new window will appear. From this window, login to your existing Wufoo account and just click “Insert” on a form which you have previously created. Or, create a new form, and once it’s completed, click “Insert”. If you don’t have a Wufoo account, you can quickly create a free one in the Machine, and then follow the above steps. Once you have inserted your form into The Machine, remember to click on Save.

Check out this step by step guide: http://youtu.be/GoPcpg1Fw7Y

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