How do Updates get published?

What happens after you've already created your app, and then make some changes?
  • Changes will only get sent to the apps after you 'checkout' of the machine again (free)
  • For small changes (like new module titles, urls, custom content, descriptions, etc.) the changes will be loaded into the app the next time it is loaded by your app-users.
  • For any change that requires a new file to be loaded (documents, new icons, backgrounds, music, app title header, etc.) a new binary package needs to be generated and uploaded to the appropriate market.
    • In the case of our app-market, it takes about 10-15 minutes, and will need to be re-downloaded by users to see the changes.
    • For Google Play, it typically takes 24-48 hours to make it into their market listings. Users can manually or auto-update the app via the Play Store.
    • For iTunes, it takes the regular review time (2-3 weeks) and apps are updated via the regular iTunes update procedure.
  • In some cases (icons, backgrounds, title header) you might find that those 'large' changes also happen immediately in users' devices. What's happening is that the new files are being downloaded live into the device. This only works when the device is 'online'. If it's not connected to the internet, those 'new' files may revert back to their previous state, or disappear. Only when a user has downloaded the new binary package with the files 'built-in' can the user see them when offline.
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